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[Player Preference]Sharp Shooter Guide - Tactful/NightLight/Paris build.

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[Player Preference]Sharp Shooter Guide - Tactful/NightLight/Paris build.

Post by NightLight on Sun Jan 01, 2012 9:27 pm


As you all know or for those of you who doesnt know, I mall so this wont really be an ideal guide if you don't mall.

but seriously, this is just an idea/guide you don't have to follow this entire thing, just go figure somethings out for your self.


First things first, Im going to assume that you already know your way around the game so i dont have to tell you how and where to farm money.

Lets do the theory first before we talk about the prac.



you should be able to get 189 status points in total when you get to level 100.

the 2 most popular builds are acc to con and acc to agi.

Acc to Agi.

While your leveling, i'd suggest the acc to agi build.

for obvious reasons, you need high attk speed and good damage to kill considering those sandbags dont hurt you.

Acc to con

Accuracy to con is only used when you're level 100 already.
you don't need the high attack speed anymore to level but you need the survival rate with hp and defence.

high attack speed is still needed but the agi you're lacking can be compensated by forging your boots.

Other build.

This is the build that I am currently using and i find this effective for me because it complements my equipment.

I am full accuracy, mixed agi and constitution.

My Preference:

My idea for my SS is to be able to hit hard which i've achieved, currently over 15K + max at the moment and still improving.

Be able to tank damages which I am very capable to do so considering im a legend but my defence isnt up to par to my damage so i gotta work on that.

Be able to dodge as well which i also am very capable to do so, the only crusaders that can hit me are the ones with over 690+ hit rate at the moment. My dodge is still improving though.

Topic 1: Attack Speed.

We all know how important attack speed is.
im not sure about the exact detail but im pretty sure that for 100 attack speed = 1 hit.

100 attack speed = 1 hit.
1 hit = 1 second.

which means, if you have 800 attack speed you're hitting your target 8 times per hit.


20k maximum damage, 600 attack speed.

20k multiplied by 6 = 120K damage per second.

Now the capped attack speed for SS is 653. with agi pot, you can get 655.

At the moment, I only have 215 agi but i've hit the capped attack speed because of my equipment bonuses.

Level 100 bow or Eternal Bow(as i like to call it before i got mine customized, Elbow)
the stats of it is...

Eternal Bow
545-551 damage.
Attack rate +24% It used to be 34, dropped to 27, now to 24.
Accuracy +32
Constitution +20
Maximum HP + 400
Hit Rate +70
Hp rec +16%
Movement Speed +110

I also get other bonuses from

Legend Insignia
-too much to write down lol so im just gunna point out the attack speed bit.

+20 Agility
+10% attack speed bonus.

Gr5 Formal name as Godness Ring 5.

Only going to write down the attack speed bonus.

+8% attack speed bonus.
+5 To agilitiy

First Rebirth:

5.5% stat bonus effect.
which means each agi point has an additional 5.5% dodge and attack speed bonus.

With all of those I managed to get 253-255 attack speed.

So as for my Stats distribution.

Stat Distribution.

My stat distribution has been made to complement my equipment bonus.

with 189 status points.

95 went to acc.

Accuracy: Added 95.
Base line of 5. total accuracy = 100.

Agility: Added 20
Base line of 5. total Agility = 25

Constitution: Added 69
Base line of 5. total constitution = 74

Topic 2: Defence and constitution.

I haven't really worked on my defence and constitution yet but its fairly simple and straight forward.
the only part that would be confusing is whether you should use frost soul or gem of colossus for your hat.

since its pretty direct and straight forward, i'll focus on explaining the difference of frost soul and gem of colossus.

with Frost soul, you'd get a lot of defence bonus, 50 defence per gem.

so at level 9 you'd get 450 defence in total, you cannot achieve that with col gem.
the down side is you wont get an HP bonus.

I havent really experimented that far into it so i can't say much.

as far as i recall, for SS' 1 con point = 2 defence and 200hp.

which means, on 1 col gem you'd get 1k hp bonus and 10 defence bonus.

even if im wrong with the statistics, the logic is still there.

my personal experience was with my +18 eternal cap.

I decided to take out the frost souls and replace it with col gem.

I had 2.5k defence(as far as i recall, it was a really really long time ago so lets say its an approximate) using frost souls.
When i took it out and used col gems, my hp only increased by 3k at most and defence dropped drastically to an approximate of 1.7k

like i said, even if my numbers are wrong, the logic of the experiment was still taken into account.
(i also failed my level 6 frost soul on re-gem =.= but i did this to learn!)

Topic 3: Dodge.

As i've stated before, I wanted to be able to dodge.

now my equipment bonus for dodge that I get from my equipments are.

Legend Insignia
-too much to write down lol so im just gunna point out the dodge bonus.

+20 Agility
+10% Agility
+5% dodge

Gr5 Formal name as Godness Ring 5.

Only going to write down the dodge bonus.

+15 dodge bonus.
+8 To agilitiy

First Rebirth:

5.5% stat bonus effect.
which means each agi point has an additional 5.5% dodge and attack speed bonus.

Equipment Forging.

Now everything is pretty much common sense from this point on, i'll skip the common sense bits and explain the forgings.

Sub Topics:

Dodge Bonus Forging:

As for my boots...

I used bings dodge, great wind and dances.

with level 9 great wind and level 9 dance, i managed to get my attack speed to 621.

its still not enough to get to 653 capped attack speed so thats why im using a mixed build.

with just level 6 bings dodge, im able to hit 543 dodge, with level 9 i should be able to hit approximately over 580 dodge passive.

if i use full agi mode, im going to hit around 700 dodge.

Cap defense bonus forging:

For my cap, I used Frost soul, Great col and undead.

since im not working on my defence at the moment because luckily my damage and attack speed is compensating for my poor defence, i can focus on this later on.

Frost soul is definitely the best gem to use for caps if you're an SS.

crus and champ would be different though, idk yet but i know that theres a difference between class bonuses.

My equipment list

To put things simply, for those who are insightful enough why i have an unusual gemming and build.
I'm going to list my equipments so they can just figure things out for them selves.

Armour Set: Eternal kylin set.

Mode 1: Seal mode - level 95 unseal gun.
Mode 2: Killing mode - Eternal bow.


Legend insignia


Stealth necklace.
Pr necklace.


Frozen Kylin cap.


Accuracy AJR(77)
Agility AJR(77)
Constitution AJR(77)

In conclusion:

My final thought about this build is that its going to be an effective PK mode and bossing build.
although it does require malling and high level gemming to work.

the pros and cons for this is that my defence would be lower than expected at complete +27 equipment.
but my idea is to make my enemy miss than let my defence do the work.

even if i get hit, my defence would still put up a fight.

so now, my enemy would have a low - mid chance of hitting me and when they do, i have a defence to help me.
this will increase my survival rate.

with Frozen kylin helm that freezes melle dealers, it would be very hard to take me down.

the only downside i see to this is that my HP would be low.

what I hope to achieve with this post is to inspire people to actually think about their build thoroughly rather than copy peoples ideas.

I just get annoyed when people asks me for what build an SS should take cause i dont really know what to say to them because i always have an in depth thought on to everything.

feel free to leave any comments, constructive criticisms are very much welcome as long as it has a rational value to it.


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Re: [Player Preference]Sharp Shooter Guide - Tactful/NightLight/Paris build.

Post by reborn on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:53 pm

thanks. i requested this. Smile)
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