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Staff Recruiting

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Staff Recruiting

Post by [GM]Connor on Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:50 am

We are currently recruiting Ingame staff members.
Due to all of the recent development and testing being conducted in the test server, our staff are unable to concentrate fully on the ingame issues that might require our attention.

Posts available
-Ingame GM (Level 3 access)(2 Slots available)

  • Handle support tickets
  • Forum moderation
  • Ingame reports
  • Investigate ingame bugs \ abuse
  • Investigate botters
-Event GM (Level 4 access)(2-3 Slots available)

  • Host events atleast every 48 hours
  • Submit a daily events report

Working with us

  • All staff members will be paid monthly in Donation Credits. Salary amount depends on the quality of your work.
  • All your decisions and actions have to be unbiased
  • Only Event GMs can trade items with players
  • Forging & Customization cards will only be handled by an admin or head GM.
  • GMs will be allowed to play with their normal characters, but your GM identity has to be kept discreet.
  • Event GMs cannot participate in their own events.
  • Abusing your GM access will not only result in a suspension of your GM account, but can also get you banned permanently.
  • All GM activity is monitored by the Head GMs
  • Sharing of your GM account will result in a ban for you as well as the person who accesses the account
  • GMs are not allowed to "call" players to (CA, DW2, FC, SW, TC, AL, DC, Abba)
  • All GMs are authorized to use the "mute" command if there is a valid reason
  • All Ingame GMs work under (GM) Connor
  • All Events GMs work under (GM) Chris
  • All donation enquiries have to be forwarded to the Admins or Head GMs
  • You will have access to the EO GM Lounge which will allow you to keep in touch with full GM team
  • Follow the rules on website without exception
  • All GMs are allowed to Arrest players if there is a valid reason
  • You can choose any name for your GM Character, but your name will have the prefix "(MOD) " or "(GM) "

Current staff list
(GM [IGN])

  • Admin Lisa [(ADM) Lisa]
  • Admin Chris [(ADM) Chris]
  • GM Zaire [(GM) Connor](Active admin)
  • GM Connor [(GM) Connor](Tech lead)
  • GM Manu [(GM) Shaolin]
  • GM Vivi [(GM) Chris]

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Re: Staff Recruiting

Post by [GM]Connor on Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:12 am

Players can send their resume to

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