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GM problems with [gameover accounts and more]

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GM problems with [gameover accounts and more]

Post by blackiceblack on Wed Sep 26, 2012 1:11 pm

To GM team,

hi Gm's i have questions about me being banned not doing things like Bot/Dupe in-game i shift drag items when farming exp covs in DA so that they would stack ..anyways if thats illegal i didnt know just came back from 1 year and half of pause.
this is my 1st time banned ..and i dont think that BOT/DUPE would be a good reason

if its with botting my mouth is 24/7 in guild chat and i talk alot when farming and ive been active guild events ~.~
shift drag items if you consider that duping. alot of people do that when farming and stalling things.

please see through my account,

GM there was this instance.. that i logged on to zinc123 my [champ con man jr] , and logged off and switch to marcmb4[GameOver] and i went to bank using my char i saw my champ still online so i got scared that someone trying to hack me.. when i logged back on to my champ account again it said map cannot be reached and error messages that i cant log in ... and after that all the accounts i logged in where also suffering the same ..

GM i dont do or try bot/duping i think this is a miss understanding please respond to my accounts.

my usernames are :

please GM respond to my request.
[these accounts got affected when i logged them in]
p.s. i forgot my forum account gameover. i used my friends forum account. please respond to my request GM. i think my character has just been bugged.


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GM please contact me.

Post by blackiceblack on Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:49 pm

GM please contact me on my email . i sent you several emails so far. thank you for your kind consideration please..look unto my account i did nothing illegal i think this is missunderstanding. or if i did something illegal please explain why.

Thank you GM, i'll wait patiently for reply .. pls contact me if you have time

P.S. - i used a in-game friends forum account i dont have access to forum , i forgot my forum account


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