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EO is DOWN !!!

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EO is DOWN !!!

Post by balanced on Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:59 am

I don't care what GM stuff will do about my post cause the game is dead
anyway and im quitting. First i would like to appologize for my language
cuz it will be offensive and for my very bad english which i learned
only on my own from nothing, well as often as u go to game u will see
the streets of argent, icicle or shaitan empty, last days its hard to
meet 5 players active in whole server at 1 time, im not saying the
server is completely out of activeness there are days when u can meet
some more players but let's be serious it's just a coincidence of time,
the game will surely go down because:

The players are so f...
tired of milion updates (updates are good at all if they works ok) 90%
of updates have bugs or doesn't work and it's pushing you to make new
update or patch to fix old bla bla etc etc. the players know what i mean

players are sick of getting error while downloading new patch or update
whatever, map locked, char error, client error, game error WTF ?>
When i want come n play the game i can't cause of fuc...g update error
and after it i don't want to come online when its repaired and many bugs
continuously hapening and its making 90% players sick n tired of coming
online again

The GMs, you guys are so slow! its taking so long
time to fix anything and you want to earn real money, ok its called a
donation whatever but real money right and u made the game 90% for
mallers only, lowering forging n combining rate !!! ruined all farming
purposes, raising bosses statistics too much making them almost
impossible to do ( ok u can make it even easy but it's going againts all
fun n pk in game, till this time all was *** cuz of KS etc, even
running to TC is fcked up -Gm what is this ? have u ever played this
game dude ? i bet u was suck and im not afaraid to sat it! Stupid EO
race lol easy gems i mean too easy for free for nothing, in this game u
have to farm dude)

For players, you guys give up too fast, once u
get bored u not coming to play for weeks, the stronger players are
laughing on weakers when they loose...-.- etc etc. i could give milion

Again GMs you guis ruined market totally first
blocking possibility to trade beying offline, u don't respect other ppl
job since they made it u crash it dudes so how do you want the players
respect your job then ? Gems price dropped down 50% in 2 weeks...nobody
want to buy it cuz there is only 5 ppl online and they already have gems
for free so don't have to buy, equipment is untradable all this sh1t
about buying cards to transfer equipment, are u so greedy on money ? If
some1 bought an item from mall and since that time its in his hands so
long untill hes playing the game why don't u let him trade to his other
character if this is what he want to do ? If im bored playing a class
why not switch to other ok COOL i can use some of my old equipment and
buy some new n let's rock all happy this playing top over 5
years but never seen somethig like this it doesn't remind me top anymore
all the rules are broken here !

Let's face the truth and end it,
cuz this is the real end i couldn't imagine any other, my endless joy
with one of most effective n great game is over!
What u can meet here
in this server last days from time when new Gms stepped over is "their
law" and all what we're dealing with is a total lack of respect for law n
rules in game against players ;-)

With peace n love, btw i don't like forums ^^
Hoping this time you respect n have enough honour to respond, also
living with a little hope players like it n will comment, Good Luck if
you survive "the bad times"


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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by Comrad on Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:01 pm

+1 For egzamples LMAO ! CalmYourTits bro.
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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by WhiteDeathJr^^ on Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:09 pm

and dont open abba <.<


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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by Swift on Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:06 pm

damn..somehow i agree lol !

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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by Swift on Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:35 pm

the only thing that i dun like is.. gm make us download new updates every day but still, i dun see anything happen >.> after a week or so, then u can see the updates which is announced a few weeks ago LOL.. and u right about the easy gems stuff..well, its good that gems are easy to get now..but keep failing in forge wont do good too and one buy azz gems now cuz its so damn easy to get them..from dh u get 2 azz, from race u get 1 azz or bd..and both map open every, market for azz kinda ruin now..

other thing is da, ds and ca kinda empty now..well, players still go ca tho..but only 2-3 ppls..there are sometime when some map full with players..but like balanced said, just a coincidence of time..its good that gm make new mazes..but, old mazes kinda forgotten now.. for archlair..why bother make it open everyday if keep bugged? + if no legend online, archlair just another forgotten mazes.. if legend do online, still, not all can do archlair.. sorry for bad english.. i skip english class everyday lols. peace. ^^

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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by SpiritReaper on Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:40 pm

Sell azeral cheaper. There is no need to keep asking 500m for a gem thats worth about 300-200 especially since of fail rate.


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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by xJirax on Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:51 pm

Well ppl kept asking for new mazes for newb ppl and to get easier gems +$$
without the need to go to fc well there you have it . good thing the maze for easy great gems was never done otherwise no1 would ever mall XDD.


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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by Comrad on Tue Nov 13, 2012 6:00 am

After being away for a while, I can still see people
contradicting themselves . First asking for new maps in which I asked for that too, but the fact that seeing players complaining again after all the hard work GM team did is pathetic. Everything got easier for the newbies now after the new maps.
Mates stop whining. I trust the work of the new version but players might need to give it sometime too. In addition to, it's winter time now where everyone is either attending school,university, or work. More to mention is that many of the players are working and studying at the same time. Ehh I remember EO was crowded in summer and I think that if you see few people online, then they are busy. Stop posting on forums if you intend to brag about everything.
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Re: EO is DOWN !!!

Post by Sponsored content

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