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When Will BSO get Ranking?

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When Will BSO get Ranking?

Post by SpiritReaper on Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:04 am

When Will BSO get Ranking, to promote server? I am aware your GM team is busy and many of the old regulars are too. Some are wanting to get back but have A-sec issues. Sooner we can vote to get word back out there the more active the server should become. I suggestion Might I offer make the bosses some what easier and give them reduced change to drop gems. I am sure players feel inadequate requiring legends for bossing.

Holding of events like hunt and kill drake for poeple on legend and lucky legend to promote server life again. Bso of old was fun in that respect. Bossing was simple. When you gemmed more you felt stronger not scaled back to feel weaker. Voy unique skills were worth buying then. I remember it was more pk and winning navy vs pirate then it is now. Navy guilds didnt have to have Navy Divison 1 but could choose name at the start when making the guild. TC used to be fun when titans were easier because it made holding the title near impossible. My favourite map was SW because it was fun before been a legend because getting kills meant getting a title. High enough title meant a free holy kylin (Some now deleted banned player). I miss those days I am sure you do to Smile.



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