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Post by SexyJo on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:05 am

Hi guys,
i made this guide cuz many new people pm me in game asking me about how to forge or where, so i hope this will eb useful =)

-u must have a socket in ur equi that u wanna forge the gem in, (u can buy sockets from the npc next to blacksmith)
-if u dont know the items names its " equipment Stabilizer and Catalyst "
-to add socket talk to blacksmith, then choose "fusion"

Now, how to forge :
-lets say u wanna forge ur sword, now u have ur sword and it has a socket.
1. Get ur sword, the gem u wanna forge and a refining gem. (the gem and the ref must be same lvl ).
2. Go to blacksmith in argent and talk to him, then choose "forge"
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3.After that u need to place ur items into the correct boxes
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4.Once u have placed all ur items in the correct places click the Forge Button, a box should pop up asking u if u want to confirm the price and forge, click yes.ur item should now be +1

well thats all u need to do, now lemme explain some stuff about forging ..

-u cant just forge a lvl 2 gem into a clean equi.. u need to build the lvl of the gems up.This is what combining is for (u can know how to combien by checking my combiening guide click here to check the combiening guide ).
-lets say u forged ur sword with a lvl 1 rage gem , ur sword will be +1 with lvl 1 rage gem, so then when u forge lv 2 and lv3 ur sword will be +2 then +3 etc..
-to make it +2 ( providing your still forging the rage gem ) you will need a lvl 2 rage gem and a lvl 2 ref gem or else u cant make +2 .
-same for +3 etc...
-max lvl for gems is lv9.
-if u wanna forge a different type of gems u have to get a new socket.
-use same steps above to make new socket.
-use same steps above to forge new gems.
-max sockets u can get r 3 in each equi.

-lv1-3 gems always success, but when u start forging from lv4 above ull always need to use forging fruits (its important) or ull always fail xD

have fun forging ^^


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Forging - Forging Guide Empty Re: Forging Guide

Post by SaintKnight on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:18 am

Always good to teach the newcomers with useful guides. ^^

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Forging - Forging Guide Empty Re: Forging Guide

Post by [GM]Connor on Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:55 am

+3 DC

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Forging - Forging Guide Empty Re: Forging Guide

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