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Post by [GM]Connor on Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:11 am

We will be launching our second server in a few months. The name is undecided yet and it will not have any forging available from donation npcs. The game will be fully balanced and will be using the modified version of the original EO server files.

The new server will be completely altered to make the gameplay experience feel like you are playing a whole different game. Most of the basic features of this game will be changed in the new server.

We are also expecting the introduction of 4 new classes to this new server. The main tactics the players should follow would be to Coop with other players in order to survive various game modes. The gameplay will also focus on PvP alongside PvE and PvPvE.

The new server will only be launched after the Main EO server has finished its upgrades and after our new staff have acquired sufficient training to handle the administration of two servers efficiently.

The new server will however be much easier and the rates will be considerably higher. The time needed for a new player to start and join alongside the strong players would be minimal.

More updates regarding the topic will only be revealed after the Main Server upgrade and class balance is fully completed.

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