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[GUIDE]Utility cards.

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[GUIDE]Utility cards. Empty [GUIDE]Utility cards.

Post by NightLight on Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:17 am

Utility cards are...

1. GM service card.
2. Character Customization Card.
3. Level 77 fairy card.
4. +18 Forging card.
5. Character Reset card.
6. Master Plier.

The utility cards can be found in heaven under "Limited Item" NPC at the very end, next to the Goddess.

1. GM service card.

Costs 10 DC

The use of GM service card is...

-To summon a certain monster that isn't available in summoning scrolls NPC.
example, DW bosses and abaddon bosses.
I personally would use one just to chat to a GM for 5 minutes.
it's like speed dating. not that i've done it before.

To change your name and guild name.

Once you've purchased a GM Service card, make sure that it is in your inventory.
Log your account out, run the launcher and click on "name change".
Log on using your account name on the new window that popped out.
Select the character that has the "GM service card."
Choose whether you want your guild name changed or character name changed.
---you have to be the guild leader if you want your guild name changed.

2. Character Customization Card.

Costs 35 DC

It is used for changing appearance of the player or the item of the player.

Method of Usage : Changing class appearance.

Example: Being a champ Sharp Shooter.

Being a champ shooter would require 3 Character Customization card because...

1, you'd need to use 1 card to transform your character from lance/phyliss to a carcise.
2. your lance/phyliss equipment is an equipment intended for its body type.
3. your weapon isnt suited for a champion so changing your weapon appearance is a must.

Method of Usage : Changing item set appearance.

1 card is enough if you're using full set.
an example of these full sets are:

Corp kylin set.
Any of the new kylin set.
Grandiose set.
BD set.

if you're using a mixed set, you'd need separate cards to get that done.

the helm/cap also comes along with the item set customization.


your using grandiose armour and corp kylin boots, gloves and cap.

you'd need 2 customization card to change your entire set.

--------Method of usage: Changing your weapon appearance.

for crusaders or champions that uses dual swords.

you need 2 character customization card to change both weapons.

to simplify, when it comes to weapons and shields, 1 card is for 1 equipment.

once your weapon is customized, it will not have a glow.

Character Customization card cannot be used to alter your character glow, ship or wings.

You can send your customization details to or open a corresponding support ticket. The custom item is only created after receiving the customization card.

3. Level 77 Fairy Card

Costs 25 DC

The usage of level 77 fairy card is self explanatory.

you'll receive a level 77 card of your choice.

to use the level 77 fairy card, have the card in your inventory.

Log your account out.
Log on to the game launcher and click on "fairy redeem" or something along the lines of that.

log on to it using your account, choose the character that contains the level 77 fairy card and choose the fairy of your choice.

your fairy will be in your temporary bag.

4. +18 Forging Card

Costs 55 DC

The +18 forging card is used for getting your equipment to +18 forging, using 3 gems of your choice.

these gems of your choices will be placed on to your equipment as level 6's.

the gems of your choice must be applicable to the equipment that you are forging.

example, if you want to use flame eyes, it must be forged on to a weapon, not your gloves or any other equipment.

To put in effect, you need to place a ticket through game launcher.

5. Character Reset Card
costs 35 DC.

Im not sure exactly what it resets but as far as i know...
resets your character skills and stats.

it does not affect your quests and rebirth.
it does not change your name either.

*not sure about this one, we'll have a GM confirm it for us.

6. Master Plier.

Costs 5DC

Master Plier is a plier used to remove all of the gems and sockets of an equipment.
be very careful with it because the gems that is in the equipment will be removed as well.

master plier card is used to clean an equipment of sockets because items that can only be transferred via server market and kylin transfer must be free of gems and sockets.

If there are any details needed to be added, please fill in the info.


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