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Post by [GM]SmileyKillr on Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:38 pm

As you may find out soon, EternalsOnline is getting new staff in game following Admin Lisa and GM Zaire's sad departure....... Lets give them a round of applause for all the hard work...blah blah blah......seriously though..... appreciate what they made......, onto the new, we have at least 2 new staff, myself included, to help run things around here
so please welcome GM Vector and Yours Truly.

SO ... you're probably asking yourself........what are these fellows gonna do....?

-GM Vector will be helping out with Events and
.....whatever other odd jobs will be required. He has taken this position due to the fact that he's a busy man (busy busy bee) bounce and is gonna compensate by hosting some rather good events........

-GM SmileyKillr (ME!!) is gonna be a tech GM.........under GM Connor (tech head).......[gonna be my positon soon hehehehe... Twisted Evil .....i hope......] ......and im gonna help out with new stuff and testing and....ummm.......well, we'll just have to see what happens

Now, that takes care of the 'Whats happening?' and the 'Who's joining?', so we come to the 'When?'.

GM Vector will be joining roundabouts early February........ hopefully ......... Rolling Eyes

GM SmileyKillr is gonna join game-time by 15th January barring any unexpected delay ........ that winds up the staff changes........ now many people may have found this thread kinda formal and/or childish....... to those people i say...CHEERS!!!!..... u just got yourself new GMs.
cheers lol!

Lets all have fun and keep this server going strong......!!!
So lets get down to it,
GM SmileyKillr

P.S. For those of u thinking that us new GMs don't know how to do our stuff.................... you're wrong,
and don't forget.... we got quite a few highly experienced GMs backing us play nice,
play fair( but only just enough Wink) or I KILL you ................with a SMILE Very Happy


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New GMs Empty Re: New GMs

Post by Kizun0 on Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:20 am

Very Happy


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New GMs Empty Re: New GMs

Post by NightLight on Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:54 am

so vector and smiley killer are the unknown player gms that was recruited not long ago o.o

we'll figure em out in game ;3

well, its sad to know that Lisa is leaving but hey, everything will come to an end to start something new.

i sure hope the new GM team will give us a fun experience.


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