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Post by [Admin]Chris on Sat Oct 13, 2012 7:36 pm

We have developed a unique map for our novice Disciple set users containing three different gameplay types in one maze!

A new evil threatens the world of Eternals a dungeon with unspeakable evil is on the verge to plague all of Ascaron. Heroes must take the aid of Priestess Ada and vanquish all evils breeding within the Oblivion Dungeon before it seals itself and the Heroes with it. To do this they must undertake three tasks and survive to become a Dungeon Hunter and claim fame and Glory amongst the Legends.

Gameplay overview:

Player Vs Environment

Heroes are teleported safely with the help of the young Priestess Ada into their first task. Heroes must fight hordes of ferocious Dungeon protectors to recover lost rare artifacts of the people of Ascaron, collect 3 Lesser and 1 Greater artifact to be awarded 5 Reward Points. Be vary of other heroes who are on the same quest, as they may slow you down or worse, take your life to stay ahead of the competition.
(This task has two parts, when players finish the first part they will be teleported to the next dungeon with stronger and more aggressive protectors. Both parts together will yield a total of 5 RP for each player who completes it.)

Heroes who have finished their tasks quickly will be teleported back to the dungeon safe zone and must await for Priestess Ada to regain her strength to teleport them to the next task.

Faction Vs Faction
During your adventures within the dungeon, you have made allies with fellow heroes who will accompany you to kill the Dungeon Lords. But be warned other Heroes have made a cohesive unit themselves to make advances towards the bosses. Heroes will team in this task and pit themselves against each other to kill the bosses and claim their reward. (Players will be teamed equally and placed on different sides of the map there are two sets of bosses. When one is slayed a new one will spawn to take its place. The side that kills the first boss will obtain 3 RP and the side that kills the second boss will obtain 5 RP. Special Shrubs are scattered throughout out this maze, which when killed provide ether one of the four different perks which are Stealth for 2 mins, enhanced Movement Speed for 5 mins, full Buffs for 2 mins or invulnerability for 10 seconds. Do not get too comfortable with these perk bonuses the spawn times of these shurbs are random Laughing.)

Player Vs Player
The Final Task is a free for all. You have severed all bounds of friendship since the priestess can only teleport 1 Hero, due to exhausting most of her spiritual powers in the course of raiding the dungeon. Your aim is to survive and strive to get out of the sealing and collapsing dungeon by eliminating all the heroes who pose a threat to your escape. (The player with the most number of kills by the end will survive and receive 10 Reward points. Cute bonus mobs known as Innocence will spawn in the dungeon which will unstealth but when slayed will reward the player with the chance to obtain random Reward points ranging from 1 - 7.)

Beta testing for a lucky few will commence at 2:00 AM server time

Release date 14/10/2012
7:00 PM server time
For further information on server time please refer
to the Eternals Online Launcher.

A Dungeon Hunter guide with pictures will be posted after the launch of the map, on the same topic. Check in later for more in depth information!

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