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[Event]  Make Guides for DC !! Empty [Event] Make Guides for DC !!

Post by [GM]Connor on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:24 pm

Hello guys !

You can earn Donation Credits by making guides and videos for our server ! The amount of DC you get depends on how tough the guide/video was , to make and how good it is.

Here we will post a link of Videos\Guides we need ! The amount of Donation Credits rewarded depends on how good enough the guide\video is.

We need Guides \ Videos on -
-How to vote for server (using website as well as BSO tools)
-How to download and install client
-How to register under the new system !
-A high quality server movie\Advertising Video

-More will be added soon

More will be added soon to the list !
You can post your guides in the Guides section !


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