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Attention Players Major Annoucenment.

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Attention Players Major Annoucenment.

Post by [Admin]Chris on Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:10 am

I apologize for the extensive leave there were huge changes for me in real life, which could not be avoided with all that aside i have come back and will kick start the server with the help of Connor and now Lisa.

Let me explain i had a long conversation with Lisa, he has agreed to help us extensively on the revival of Brightsun Online. As he feels that when he started BSO it wasn't about the donations put forward to bring real change towards the server but it was the general feed back of the players when acted upon which made it successful. Until recently we were always stressed on paying the server dues at the end of the month, to really care about the server as bad decisions to sought easier ways to keep the server up and running caused it to fail in many areas thus losing many of its player base.

Now all of it is going to change we have started "Project Revival" with the players in mind and we are currently in negotiations with a new host to cut costs significantly while still maintaining quality. We are also developing new ideas to enhance the gameplay experience of the server and to make it completely player friendly, rather than players coming in game and having no idea how to gain further progress. Finally we are unable to get any statements from our previous host to retain the Eternals Online database. In the worst case scenario since the contract ended they may have wiped their systems to entertain other clients. That will be very upsetting since alot of our work would be lost which will set us back a few paces, but regardless we have already started work with that in mind if all goes well our server will be up and running by a month, with many features intact and new ones added to replace the ones we have lost due to the host.

So while the development takes place we will be adding content to the forum like screenshots and new ideas to be discussed thus players can give us a feedback on what content should make the final cut and what shouldn't this way you the players will be as involved in the development cycle as much as us. So remember to stop by the forum from time to time to enlighten us and keep this project moving forward.

-GM Team-

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