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Post by Serge... on Wed Sep 08, 2010 4:29 am


This is a short guide i will do so everyone can do a bit better in this cool server.
By the time im writing this guide i have been playing less than two weeks, but you can do a lot better than me with a bit more effort.

Well, lets begin.

The Beginning:

First thing you have to know, if youre about to start and youre reading this, is you need a strong character.

What do i mean with this?

Lets take off the uber gemmed god like crusader image from our heads while we read this guide, ok?

You need a character which kills fast every monster (or most of them) in this game.
Can be a full agi crus, full str crus, full acc sharp shooter, full agi sharp shooter. I personally dont mess with voyagers, clerics, seal masters and champions, they have another propose in the game far from the one we are aiming to.

You must understand that, in some of cases, the first character you create wont be your main one. So just get the idea of getting resourses first to in fact start to play.

Helps to think that other players dont exists by now. So just dont get depressed if they tell you "youre n00b, youre weak, youre useless". We are getting in the way and this is not a 1 day job.

So, yeah, choose a crusader/sharpshooter for the job.

Also, if you can double account (this means opening 2 Bright Sun Online game window in the same computer or simply having 2 computers, or more) then you must do it.

I personally promote double accounting, even tho some people say its not legal. Well, if it was ilegal, developers would already have added a patch for not dualing. So, dont think of it as cheating, this is just working better.

Double accounting is the key in this game and even more for starters.

So, with your second account make a buffer, so you will get real fast through the game.

My Way:

Well, personally im a bit egocentric so you will never see me starting a game with things like "please, plvl me" "please, gold" "please, help me"

This guide is for you to get everything by your own.

So, lets go with this all.

First of all.

Crusader + Buffer.

I started with a crus cuz hits harder at low levels and teaming a buffer its just perfect for you to get your Illusion Slash boost. (This is not a Crusader guide so i wont get into details). Make him full agi. As for skills, full attack, max Sword Mastery, Illusion Slash, Berserk, Blood Frenzy, Dual Sword Mastery. All those skills that means killing, dont waste time adding points to defensive skills like Deftness, Stealth and Shadow Slash. No comment about Concentration, Poison Dart, Tiger Roar, Break Armor, Taunt, Will of Steel.
Your buffer must max Tempest Boost and Spiritual Fire first, you can go with them alternative, like 1 point to Tempest, 1 point to Fire, and so until they get maxed. After they are maxed go max Heal. Very worthy to save you time for the annoying sitting recovering. And make her full spr.

With this, theres no way you can die, not even once, by mobs.

My path of lvling is simply:

(@Argent) The bees, then the bears, then the shrooms, then the rooros, then the boars, then the moles, then (@Icicle) the scorpions (if you use the buffer, at this point you can max the Spirit Bolt, so you can kill them with a single bolt, this is very usefull. This will get you to 43 in a shoot. By now feel free to lvl wherever you like. I did on islands. Canary, Cupid, then Chill and finally Fortune.
You can now easily hit 70 doing this.

And now...

Getting In There:

First things you need to know when playing a game is what features you can have advantage of.
This server is really kind and gives you this.

1.- Sandbags Lv1, 2, 3 & 4
2.- High Value Farming Items
3.- Good Equipment
4.- Easy Access to Gems

This is all you need my friend. This is all you need.

First of all, if you feel like doing Reputation points well, thats a way. I started with that. Since i got very crappy equipments I decided to farm a bit of Reputation to get better ones, so i did around 10k Reputation, which translates into 10m.

Yeah, a rusty way because i didnt know the path yet.

So i get for my crusader:

Dance of Evanescence (Lv55 Sword):

Buy them in the Sealed Equipment Vendor @Argent [2290,2720], those are Fire Sealed, so we need to unseal them, luckily we have a Rune Shop besides the Sealed Equipment Vendor, you will see him, no need of coords. Buy there 10 Fel Runestones, 20 Ja Runestones, 20 Tef Runestones. You will need 5, 10, 10 for each sword and 600k. Dont worry, you got money, you gotta buy those. XD
Now head to the guy who will unseal them, @Argent [2250,2750] Head Researcher is his name.

Platemail of the Cursed Soul (Lv45 Armor):

Get it in the same Sealed Equipment Vendor.
I know, i know, why this crappy armor? Why not Armor of Evanescence (Lv55 Armor):
Well, mostly because is way much cheaper than unsealing the Lv55 Armor. Youre starting and you need every coin you can get.
Ok, dont look at me that way and do what i say! x)

Next thing we do is, again at the Rune Shop, buy 20 Fel Runestone and head to @Argent [2200,2790] Claw and Paw Exchanger, thats him. He will trade you 10 Fel Runestone for a Class Lv70 Claw (Glove) and Paw (boot). Get them for Crusader. Hermes Clawstone and Hermes Pawstone are the names.
To use them you will need some apparels. Well, lets get them.

Now you see that fat lady standing behind you? Unique Necklace and Rings NPC. Well, she has cool stuff for you.
Get a Unique Necklace Voucher 2m worth, and open it. You will get movement necklaces. I personally believe that Movement Speed in this game is key to domain it, in many ways, for farming, for PK, for bossing. So keep that status in mind.
Get also 2 Kiss of Nic (Lv60 Agi ring, +10 agi) or 2 Peters Call (Lv60 Str ring, +10 Str), the ones you feel you need the most.

A bit upper from where you are standing, @Argent [2200,2770], are the Apparel Vendors. Get a boot and a glove. I dont really care at this point which are, i just need the stats, Fashion comes a bit after.
And head to @Argent [2200,2700]. Here are 2 NPC which will be your friend for the rest of your BSO experience. Blacksmith Goldie and Forgesmith.

Forgesmith sells you all kind of equipment improvement items.
All you need for upgrading your equipment, he has it. By now we just need 2 Fusion Scrolls, 10k each, cheapy.
Now talk to Goldie and Apparel Fuse your Gloves and Boots, and there you go. You have now a full acceptable set.
You can also buy a fairy, besides Rune Shop, theres a Fairy Shop. You can rise one from zero or try to buy a higher one.
What i did was, buying one cheap fairy, not the Mordo cuz it worths 5m, i got a Fairy of Valor. And got Standart Meditation. You need this so you can Slash frequently without runing out of SP. Rise it with small fruits, dont waste too much time and money lvling it with greath fruits cuz we are aiming for something better.
In BSO, players use to sell Mordo Jrs, the best pet in this server. Maybe we might get Angela, but dont know. When you get enough money you must buy your Mordo Jr and rise it by your own.

Lets review.

You have by now:

Lv70 Full Agi killer. (At this lvl you will already max agi so start with str)
2 +10 stats rings.
1 Movement Necklace
2 Dance of Evanescence
1 Platemail of the Cursed Soul
1 Hermes Clawstone
1 Hermes Pawstone
1 Pet with Meditation

Lv60-70 Full Spr Buffer with:
Lv10 Heal
Lv10 Tempest Boost
Lv10 Spiritual Fire
And some other skills
Advice: get her some equipment aswell, might be cheap but needed cuz at this point you might take her with you in your hunting and she needs to survive while youre not close or dont have any safe spot to leave her (assuming you cant have her following you every moment). If you can have her following you, well, no need of equipment.

Time To Get Serious:

@Argent [2240,2780] There is this Mall NPC, he has some cool stuff too, like amps of luck, potions, stats resets (which you will need later), and more important, remember the Movement Speed, buy and use always Skating Potions. I dont care where you are, i dont care where youre going, spam Skating Potions, they least 30min so spam them. ALWAYS!

Well. You have the equipment, you have the girl (XD the buffer). Now you have a goal. Yes, you do need a goal and that goal is right besides your Sealed Equipment Vendor pal. His name is Messenger of Death. This guy sells you Death Equipment. So here is where youre going to:

2 Darkness's Emissary Str Version (Lv75 Sword)
1 Darkness's Shadow (Lv75 Armor)
1 Darkness's Touch(Lv75 Glove)
1 Darkness's Trace (Lv75 Boot)
1 Crown of Descendant (Lv75 Cap)
(This is my equipment at this moment while im writing)

Another thing you might want to keep in mind is geming. Forgesmith sells Unique Gems, you can buy them from him or another players. Worths 6m from Forgesmith and 4-5m from players. So be wise.
Lets understand something. Gems are like equipment, i mean, they are yours and you can place them in the equipment you want. This means, you will never lose them or leave them behind, unless you get better ones.
Let me state this in another way, and with this you will understand what i mean.

Most players say "i will gem when i get higher equipments" ok, thats ok. But at this rate, you need more status to farm faster.

Faster farming implies faster improvement.
In other words, the more money, the better equipment.

So, my advice (and this is what i did), forge your Dance of Evanescence and your boots only. Use Gem of Rage (+5 str) and Gem of the Wind (+5 agi), remember, only boost this two stats by now. There are also Chipped Gem of Rage (+4 Str) and Chipped Gem of the Wind (+4 Agi). This gems have in the text "this can be improved to lv3 the most" or something like that, but in this server they can go higher, so treat them as a normal gem which gives you +4 stats of a kind, they can also be found in Demonic World (DW) but we are not ready yet for this map.

I do not recomend to use Cracked Gems, which gives +3 stats of a kind, but if you feel like using them, go for it.

Ok. What level we should gem up to? Thats your choice at the time you get the chance of doing so.

My way is like, ok i have 12m, il forge both dances with lv1 rage, then il get 24 to forge both with lv2 and so.
The speed of your improvement depends only on your effort.

With this said, we now move to our new home. Forsaken City(FC) 2 & 3. @Argent [2220,2750] is the portal.
Why do we need this for?
Well, theres this item Goddess's Favor, which worth 2.5m. Yup, 2.5m. Yeah, i know, makes us feel a bit stupid for wasting our time farming a bit of Reputation Points to start with. But whats done is done.
Now you should have a good killing rate to get around 15-20 Goddess's Favor per Hi Amp of Luck (30min).

Im glad (and kinda sad) to tell you that this guide is almost coming to its end.
Thats because FC is the number 1 money making source of BSO, so time to get used to it and getting more efficent and faster ways to farm in here.

Home Sweet FC?!:

Well, most players can just say, "il go FC and farm" but its more than that.

Guys, love FC or FC wont love you at all. Get used to it cuz if you dont you will suck at BSO, assuming youre not a Donator.

Remember, always keep in mind Movement Speed. ALWAYS!!!
I know i said this a couple of times already, but i do focus in this that much because in this varies how many Goddess's Favors you can get in a raid (30min/1 Hi Amp of Luck).
Also in your killing rate, but speed is more important. So, as soon as you can hit a good amount of money, and that is around 50-100m, try to buy a Chaos Pawstone from a player. They sell them, just be patient cuz most of the time guild that rule the server dont like to sell them to keep the strength in their guild only. But they will sell, dont worry, at this day im writing i got 2 for 20m each, price can change according to players mood and server status. So be ready to pay any price, but dont get yourself owned either. In this server i consider its ok to buy them in 20-60m.
As soon as you get the Chaos Pawstone go to upgrade it.

Go to Forgesmith and buy Strengthening Scroll (10k) and Strengthening Crystals (500k). Then go to Goldie and choose Apparel Upgrade. Each upgrade goes from 1.2m to 2.5m so have money with you.

Also, if you have money enough, try buying Expert Possesion and a high lvl Mordo Jr. Why Expert Possesion? BECAUSE YOU NEED IT. XD Im joking.
This is how Possesion Works.

Once you use possesion you will get experience and luck boost with Mordo Jr.
It is +2XX% added. with 2XX meaning your Mordo Jrs level doubled.

EG: Lv25 Mordo Jr while in Possesion gives +50% experience and luck boost.

A level 50 Mordo Jr will give you +100% experience and luck boost, which is equal as using a Charmed Berry.

But still im not saying why Expert Possesion.

There are 3 kinds of possesion and they vary in the amount of stamina your pet will consume when you activate possesion. So here it is.

Novice Possesion: Pet Lv x8
Standart Possesion: Pet Lv x4
Expert Possesion: Pet Lv x2

At first we wont care about this because this is a pserver and rations are very cheap, Fairy Ration (20k), Auto Ration (25k). But while farming, each second counts and we cant waste time using rations to fill stamina everytime we poss. Theres a big difference about feeding for 400 Stamina and 100, when your pet is above Lv50.
So there it is.

Now its time to farm.

Bring your buffer with you and sit her in a safe place or where you want.
Use your Chaos Pawstone, if youre full agi you will have enough Attack Speed to retain the 2nd Illusion Slash boost, so dont worry.
Use Skating Potion and Tempest Boost, you will fly.
Have a big backpack, Mall NPC sells the slot extensions, so buy them all.

And there you go.

With this i get like 40-50 Goddess's Favor per raid and about 8-12 Refining Gems.
Advice: never, never, never, sell Refining Gems. Why? Because they worth like 1m, and 1 Goddess's Favor worths 2.5m, and you will need Refs for you forging, even if you dont forge, keep them, and if you need space in your bank, combine them. Check here for combining guide.

As for the mobs drops as Sol Runestones, keep them while farming, each stack worths 1m. Bones and crappy gems liek Fiery, Furious, Glow, Shinning, Spirit, you can dispose them if you need space to keep farming, or sell them to NPC.

Other advices... I know that at first, farming will be like very annoying, but once you get used to, you will be like, il farm 30min then do another thing, if you get free time then farm 30min more, and so. You will see fast money in a shoot.

This is a screenie of my window while farming.

My Little "Becoming Semi-Rich Player" Secret Dibujofdh

I keep it that way always, my inventory, to have track of how many Goddess's Favor i have gotten so far. Possesion in skill bar aswell for amps and skatings, just to save time. Chat box minimized, system too. I used the system to know when i get a Favor but i found this way is better and less stressing than pressing Alt+E to open and close the bag. Also this way i dont get frustrated and craves when i want to know how much i have.

And thats pretty much about this.

Demonic World and Chaos Argent:

Well, this are the higher scenarios you will get to face daily.

What do you get in there?
Well, this is not my job, this person did this for us, so enjoy.

CA Guide
DW Guide

Final Words:

Well, i think i said this was meant to be a short guide, but i made it, well... A bit large. XD
So, we are now at the point where we can get lots of money. What to do with it?

Well, get the equipment you want.
And forge as much as you want.

This is not a guide of building and forging so i wont make this any longer.
I just gave you the key to have a succeful path in BSO.
So its up to you if you wanna make it better or stick to my guides way.

I hope you enjoyed and found this guide useful.

Im Astral in BSO, i will see you guys around then. Very Happy
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Post by SexyJo on Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:30 am

good guide to help new players =)

and thnx for linking my guide

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Post by [GM]Connor on Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:58 am

Ok excellent guide to help all those poor souls who get lost without knowing how to start off Very Happy

+5 DC to Serge

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