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Trading Equipments [Guide] Empty Trading Equipments [Guide]

Post by [GM]Connor on Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:32 am

Players can now trade [Ungemmed][Unsocketed][Unfused] equipments which were tradable via Server Market, all ingame!

All you need to do is
1)Buy 1x [Equipment Gift Package Key](1,000,000 gold) from the [Mall NPC] in [Ambervale City]\[Argent City]
2)Go to Furnace of Immortality in [Ambervale City]
3)Choose the option "Equipment gift packaging"
4)Put the equipment\chest to pack in the first slot
5)Put the [Equipment Gift Package Key] in the second slot
6)Press [Confirm]

You will receive 1x [Equipment Gift Package] in your inventory and your [Equipment Gift Package Key] and the packed equipment will be taken by system. You can now gift the [Equipment Gift Package] to your loved ones or friends. They can unpack the [Equipment Gift Package] by double clicking the item.

List of packable items (Ex-Server market items)
Reward Corporeal Kylin Chest
Reward Frozen Kylin Chest
Reward Corporeal Kylin Shoe
Reward Corporeal Kylin Glove
Reward Corporeal Kylin Armor
Reward Frozen Kylin Shoe
Reward Frozen Kylin Glove
Reward Frozen Kylin Armor
Lv 95 Unseal Set of Seal Master
Lv 95 Unseal Set of Cleric
Lv 95 Unseal Set of Voyager
Lv 95 Unseal Set of Champion
Lv 95 Unseal Set of Crusader
Lv 95 Unseal Set of SharpShooter
Death Knight Holy Wand
Death Knight Dark Wand
Death Knight Broadsword
Death Knight Dagger
Death Knight Gun
Death Knight Bow
Death Knight Sword
Lv 90 MS SP
Lv 90 MS HP
Lv 80 MS SP
Lv 80 MS HP
Lv 70 MS SP
Lv 70 MS HP
Godness Ring 6
Godness Ring 5
Godness Ring 4
Godness Ring 3
Godness Ring 2
Godness Ring
Arthurs Faith
Honorary Crown of Kings
Mercy of Inspiration
Bless of Inspiration
Guard of Inspiration
Redemption of Inspiration
Mercy of Empathy
Bless of Empathy
Guard of Empathy
Redemption of Empathy
Mercy of Justice
Bless of Justice
Guard of Justice
Redemption of Justice
Mercy of Sacrifice
Bless of Sacrifice
Guard of Sacrifice
Redemption of Sacrifice
Mercy of Honor
Bless of Honor
Guard of Honor
Redemption of Honor
Favor of Epic Prowess
Bless of Epic Prowess
Guard of Epic Prowess
Redemption of Epic Prowess
Life Staff
Sacrifice Staff
Stateliness Sword
Quietness Knife
Justice Gun
Punishment Bow
Holy cavalier Shield
Heaven Sword
Ice-covered Holy Snow Shield
Ice-covered Fury SnowBlade
Ice-covered Frosted Staff
Ice-covered Fledgy Staff
Ice-covered Enchanted Bow
Ice-covered Evil Spear
Ice-covered Snow Spike
Heavy Ice-covered Sword
Light Ice-covered Sword
Crown of Decedent
Styxs Wanderer
Styxs Span
Styxs Torso
Abysss Trail
Hands of Death
Abysss Possession
Asuras Dance
Asuras Caress
Asuras Protection
Abaddons Brace
Abaddons Hand
Abaddons Seal
Darknesss Trace
Darknesss Touch
Darknesss Shadow
Hardins Print
Hardins Touch
Hardins Bind
Vow of Styx Mx Sp
Vow of Styx Sp Rec
Putrescence Bone of Abyss Sp Rec
Putrescence Bone of Abyss Mx Sp
Kiss of Death Spr
Kiss of Death Con
Abaddon Vanquisher Acc
Abaddon Vanquisher Agi
Penitent of Asura Mx Sp
Penitent of Asura Mx Hp
Tear of Hardin Con
Tear of Hardin Str
Darkness Emissary Agi
Darkness Emissary Str


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