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Newbie Guide v3.0 Empty Newbie Guide v3.0

Post by Silence on Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:50 pm

Hello everybody,this is Silence from Eternals Online and I here would like to introduce you to the server. First off before i guide you to become a proffesional like me,i must introduce you to our 2 lovely kind Game Masters (GM). First off is Lisa,she was an orginal creator of the server. The 2nd GM is Chris,he is an awesome GM with the passion of creating events for this server! Respect everybody and you will do fine!
Now first off,if you haven't created an account,you can register at . After registering,create a character at your liking. First off,before you spam asking people to level you, you should level up to 8 so your party-able!. After that, you can walk to 2196,2759 in Argent City. For level 9-40,you should pick Choice: Go to Sandbag Isle A! ( For Newbies) After hitting level 40+,you should ask politely in World Chat for plvl from players * Mooogle is a nice player in server that will be gladly to help new comers,so pm her sometime and ask with a (please).

Before advancing your classes,go to Job Changer - Lucius in Argent City 2232,2792
and pick your First Job Promotion.
( BIG DEAL ) Alot of players forget to open their yellow chest before they advance to Second Job Promotion,so please don't. Open the chest up to Level 35,and sell your items to NPC. After that,you can then do your Second Job Promotion. Opening your chest at level 40 will give you a Newbie Death Set ( Untradeable/Unfusable/Unsellable)
65 Unseal wepeon/Armor ( 45uns on vary ), Some amps and a Study Book. With all this being equiped,you are now ready to farm at Fc2/3 at locations 2217,2753 in Argent City. ( READ:Your newbie death set degates 75% damage dealt to you but do not want to make it your main equipment,only gem it lightly and buy a death set at East argent city *Location : 2294,2728. Death wepeons can also be located here.

Farming Fc2 is the best way to get gold ingame, HANDS DOWN. 1million gold per goddess's favor ( 100% Drop ) you can be proffesional in no time!. *Please avoid spamming for money in server*. After collecting a reasonable amount, just sell it to any NPC Smile.

Alright,if your level 80 ( Random ) and want to level more..i suggest you get Hi-Amplifier of Strive for (1,000,000 Gold). You can get this item at Mall NPC (2241,2787)Argent City. And dont forget to make sure your party leader has Banana's!
Alright all that can get you Unique Gems and what not from NPCs but lets talk about azreal gems Laughing
You can obtain Azreal Gems by farming wood or iron ore in Dark Swamp
But before that,you must get a Lv5 or higher Wood/Mining skills.
After you have either of the skills,go to Icicle City location: 1385,575.

It takes 1000 peices of each recource to obtain 1 Azreal Gem.
You may wonder,where do we obtain it? Well you obtain 1 of the Azreal gems at Argent City Location: 2216,2707.
Gem Stats: Azreal Glare: +8 Strength
Azreal Soul: +8 Constitution (Normally called Undead Azreal In-Game)
Azreal Light: +8 Spirit
Azreal Aggregation: +8 Accuracy
Azreal Dance: +8 Agility
Each gem sells to about 150mil ( Except Light - they are cheapest worth)
Now, when you are strong enough to Power level other people,you get something called reputation. You can receive it by Mentoring a newbie level 39 Under and leveling him higher. Reputation is stackable to high amounts.If you want to trade it in for gems,you may at Argent Location: 2293,2716.You have two choices! Choices are either exchanging it for gems or exchanging it for Money. 1,000 Reputation is up to 1,000,000Gold,and so on. But the gems you can obtain are worth 30,000 reputation.
Each gem is worth 50-100mil. The gems that sell the most are Chaitan Aura/Locks Hit/Bing"s Dodging. The other gems aren't useful so i don't suggest using it!
Best place to level a newbie is at Sandbag Isle 3. Don't be rude,give your disicple a heavans berry + Hi-Amplifier of Strive! Also use banana to give more experience.
I won't go into much more detail,because those are the basics but i will explain one more thing.

If your lazy,and dont like spamming messages on world about selling your item, Eternals Online has something that can help you with that!. By simply going into your files [(Data)File obtaining information of server] and double clicking on Market Place File,you can enter the server Market Place. You must login to your account + your character has to be Level 90 or higher. From Buying to Selling,you may look around to see if you'd like to buy or sell something. If you want to see equips by the way,make sure they have NO sockets and are in your bank. By clicking on Buy Now on an item,it will decrease your Trade Credits*
Trade Credits are obtainable at Argent Fountain: 2232,2782.100,000,000 Gold is equal to 20x Trade Tokens,as 20x Trade Tokens are equal to 100,000,000 Gold
After buying items,it will be in your Temporary Bag! ( Press Alt + D to see)
While shopping or buying,make sure you are logged off.
Now,if you want to sell something..make sure it is in your bank. After that,log out and go onto market place.Click on the Sell choice and pick the item you choose to sell. Depending on the level of the item/gem or the will give you options. If you see,1 Trade Coin is equal to 5,000,000. When you click on Sell Item. it will give you this screen that pops up giving you the choice to pick how many of an item you can sell or how much. It will also give you the trade's value from Trade Credits to Gold

Sorry for no pictures,but i hope this guide is very discriptive and helpful. Even if i don't win...please read this guide ,it is one of the best Smile

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Newbie Guide v3.0 Empty Re: Newbie Guide v3.0

Post by DeathKnight527 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:58 pm

Nice guide Silence, one doubt though why do you need the items on the bank in order to sell them in the market since I've sold items from my inventory and nothing bad happened =P.


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Newbie Guide v3.0 Empty Re: Newbie Guide v3.0

Post by kenzy321 on Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:53 am

I dont know how to post in Forums... hmf, forums not newbie friendly..haha

so sorry FOR SPAMMING...its the only way...



Newbie Guide v3.0 Errorsv


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Newbie Guide v3.0 Empty Re: Newbie Guide v3.0

Post by Mint on Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:14 am

Purple is a bad colour Razz

@kenzy: Where did u install bso? EO ? -.-


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Newbie Guide v3.0 Empty Re: Newbie Guide v3.0

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