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Cooking Guide (Shortened) and Fast Way to Rebirth Wines

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Cooking Guide (Shortened) and Fast Way to Rebirth Wines Empty Cooking Guide (Shortened) and Fast Way to Rebirth Wines

Post by Serge... on Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:05 pm

Cooking Guide (Shortened) and Fast Way to Rebirth Wines Cap00001i


Hahaha!!! Last night I was thinking how to start this guide, since everyone was literally annoying me online via PM I needed a good introduction to vent all the anger and frustration i get everytime people ask me "how much you paid for wines?"... I paid nothing. But this is not what annoys me, its the fact players always want the easy way to get difficult things, and world can't be that way...
Well, as i was saying, i was trying to figure out a way to begin this guide and this morning when i woke up and logged, a player named RaMpEr came to me with the most funny thing i ever read. "I buy your cooking tool 100m" this made my day guys, really did.
My response was "i can farm 100m in 20 min, getting a cooking tool to lv3 takes days, theres no way i will sell my cooking tool for 100m" and some minutes after i got another PM asking for my tool, and i said, "i won't sell for less than 1b" ( gold) and offered me 600m and The Box of Crusader (lv95 crus sealed equipment chest) which i sold for 800m. Translating this all to selling my Lv3 Cooking Tool for 1.4b. Yeah RaMpEr i was going to sell it to you for 100m. -.-"

Why I say this all? For you to learn to price your work. Even if no one seem to appreciate things you do.

Your effort have a certain value, you are the one who place the price, not them.

With this said, let us move to our main topic, i will teach you how to get your Rebirth Wines very fast. And with "fast" i don't mean 5 minutes... Keep that in mind.

Cooking Guide:

Since our Cooking Guides are quiet... Cheap, i will explain you a bit fast about Cooking. Sorry Siku, but i offered you my help to improve your guide and you didn't do so, so i will.

Note: i will copy-paste some parts of my Manufacturing Guide sice they are quite alike in some parts.

First of all, you will need some Life Skill points, so lets check this buddy's guide for it.

Story Quest Guide

Obviously you don't need to do the whole quest, just get enough points for the level you need.

You need, before Cooking, to get Fishing. Which can be bought @Argent[2230,2730] with Grocer - Jimberry, Grocer - Amos, Grocer Palpin, any of them.
Once you have the Fishing skill, you can buy in those same Grocers the Lv1 Cooking Guide. When you use it, you will get a Crystal Cauldron which is needed to Cooking.
To get your Cooking level up you will need Lv2-7 Cooking Guides, you can get them @Icicle[1370,590] in Fairy Merchant.


Lv2 Cooking Guide: 10 Fairy Coin
Lv3 Cooking Guide: 50 Fairy Coin
Lv4 Cooking Guide: 300 Fairy Coin
Lv5 Cooking Guide: 10 Elven Signet
Lv6 Cooking Guide: 50 Elven Signet
Lv7 Cooking Guide: 300 Elven Signet

Lv7 is the higher you can get, dont worry, you dont need more, there only exist up to lv7 Cooking Blueprints, so we are doing good with this.

After getting your skill up to the level you want you will need a Fairy, worry not, any kind of them will do. And get also Standard Pet Cooking Skill for your pet. My advice is to buy a brand new Fairy so you won't screw your main pet skills, go @Argent[2280,2740] with Pet Mall - Reika and buy the book, 5m worth.

Now we will need just the Blueprints.

From Blurry Blueprints we might get just one useful Cooking Blueprint which is Codfish Steam Boat, it's pretty easy to do, but let's not waste so much time in this one. We need to level up our Cooking Tool fast.
So, the blueprints we will focus in will be:

- Sealed Blueprint: i dont care what people say, theres just one single spot to farm this. Lv55 Guardian Angel, has 1% Drop Rate, with the x10, it has 10% Drop Rate, using a Hi-Amp of Luck you upper this to 30%, plu8s Lv50 Mj poss gets you 40%, so this mean you will get around 1 Sealed Blueprint per 2 kills.
- Invocation Blueprint: what? do you really think this will be easier? Haha!!! Erhm... Ok, for real now, the best place in the entire BSO world to farm this is in Thundoria Mirage with the Lv85 Pumpkin Death Warrior, mainly it has a 0.15% drop rate for this blueprints, but with x10 we get up to 1.5%, if you poss and Hi-Amp of Luck this will rise up to 6% Drop Rate, so this means we will get 1 Invocation Blueprint around each 20 kills. Be patient, is all i can say.

Why? Simply because we want to level our tool and each time we cook with a blueprint higher than Lv4 we get 4+ Experience Points for our tool. Which save us time and durability.

Unlike Manufacturing, for Cooking we dont need our tool level matching the blueprint level. So we will take advantage of this.

By now we will focus only in the Sealed Blueprints and we will aim to get this ones:

- Bun: increase 400 hp and 150 attack points for 10 minutes.
- Steam Bun: increase 200 hp and 50 attack points for 15 minutes.
- Maiden Wine: increase 100 sp and 5 spirit points for 15 minutes.

Why this ones? Let's take a look at the items needed for Cooking them.

- Bun: Shark Fin, Herb, Elven Signet.
- Steam Bun: Withred Root, Pumpkin Head, Elven Signet.
- Maiden Wine: Withred Root, Huge Bear Paw, Elven Signet.

Notice something interesting?

Let's check Steam Bun and Maiden Wine first.
They need Withred Root as Main Item, and surely you know a very good spot to get tons of them from Lv48 Treant @Argent[1830,3090]. Hell yeah! Getting items for this one is so easy!
For the Second Item we might do some effort collecting the Pumpkin Heads @Argent[680,2930] or @Silver Mine 3[500,150] by Lv46 Pumpkin Knight and the Huge Bear Paws by Lv49 Great Polar Bear @Icicle[3150,690].

Now take a look at Bun. Hell even yeah!!! We can get the items in NPCs thanks to BSO staff. Isn't it beautiful? We go to Pet Mall - Reika @Argent[2280,2740] and buy all the Shark Fins we need (thanks lord they are useful for pet marriage, otherwise we would have to go sea to farm them XD). And Herb can be bought from Ditto 10k worth. Pretty nice.
You can buy Elven Signets (if you don't have enough by your own) from other players.

For this Cooking level we will need many Fairy Coins, so be sure to get as many stacks as you can.

Well, let's start cooking. This is not women's job only, men can cook very well too, and we will show the world so.

Head to any Matchstick NPC. @Shaitan[900,3560] & @Icicle[1360,560] i personally like Icicle most because virtually nobody passes around, so no lag at all, and accuracy here is vital.

Cooking Guide (Shortened) and Fast Way to Rebirth Wines Matchstick

Material 1: in our case, the Shark Fins and the Withred Roots.
Material 2: in our case, the Pumpkin Heads, the Huge Bear Paws and the Herbs, dont worry if you dont identify the order at first, its the same orden in which they appear in the blueprint description.
Material 3: just the Elven Signets, other cookings might fill this spot with Compressed Energys, but not by now.
Tool: Crystal Cauldron.
Blueprint: the one you get when you double click the Sealed Blueprint.
Fairy: seriously? Well, the only thing to say here is your Fairy must be same level or higher than your tool just for the level 2 and above case.
Result: here will appear our Manufactured item if we are successful.

Unlike the Manufacturing process, here in the Cooking one it does matter the timing for stoping the process.
In the BSO Tools we have the correct timing, so we just overlap the BSO Tool cooking square over our client, like this:

Cooking Guide (Shortened) and Fast Way to Rebirth Wines Cookr

And stick something to our physical screen, can be a piece of tape or something to just indicate the exact spot to stop without the need of the BSO Tool over our BSO client.

And thats all.,

The catch? Well, when our tool is Lv1 it tends to fail often while we cook, but its not our main goal to get the Buns or Wines right now, our goal is to level up our tool up to lv3.
Keep cooking Buns and you will level it up very fast, trust me.

Advice: in my Manufacturing Guide i did teach you how to make Repair Tool Lv2, same as for our Manufacturing Tool we do for our Cooking Tool. When it's about to level, at 390-395 Experience Points, we use Repair Tool Lv2 so we won't need Repair Tool Lv3 at early stages. With this I can ensure that you won't need even a single Repair Tool Lv3 for making our Rebirth Wines, I can even ensure that you will get 2 complete wines set before your tool runs out of Duration.

We will get to cook any other Cooking Item? Well thats up to you and your willing. In this guide I just focused in the basic fast tool leveling and now we will aim for Rebirth Wines.
If you want a guide for the other Cooking Items, I can do it later.

Now its time to our real propose.

Rebirth Wines:

The moment you all were waiting for.
Time to get your Rebirth Wines.

- What do I mean for "Rebirth Wines"?: Theres a part of the Phoenix Rebirth Quest where the NPC asks you for some wines, well, those are the Rebirth Wines.
- Ok, which are the Rebirth Wines?: you will need this Cooking Items in this order:

30 Mao Wines: from Sealed Blueprint.
20 Dukan Wines: from Sealed Blueprint.
20 Mao Wines: yes, again, from Sealed Blueprint.
15 Ginseng Wines: from Invocation Blueprints, can be found from Sealed Blueprints, but it's very rare.

Ok, lets move with the items needed.

- Gigantic Stramonium Flower: by Lv54 Huge Spiky Stramonium @Argent[480,1380]. You need this for Mao Wine and Dukan Wine, so be sure to get enough for both.

- Quality Caviar: for Mao Wine, by Lv45 Feral Skeleton Fish, this is where my business comes to it's end. If you have your Cooking Tool Lv3, then this mean you Manufactured your Repair Tool Lv2, right? And this mean you Manufactured some items before. Well, make sure you did, and if you did't don't worry. You will need some Ship Accelerator Lv1, Ship Atomizer Lv1, Hull Repair Lv1 and Ship Flame Lv1. Check this Hotkey and Manufacturing Bug Guide to ration your Manufacture Items.
This is an sketch I've made for the Quality Caviar spot, it's hand made, so be patient in understanding it.

Link for this, so forum won't resize it and you can fully see it all. Sorry for the bad quality, has about 2 years since I made it.

Quality Caviar Farming Spot

Here's another map made by LemonPie. Use the one you like the most.

Quality Caviar Farming Spot (remake)

- Glimmering Dorsal Fin: by Lv66 Feral Ruby Dolphin, same as Quality Caviar, but this one is for Ginseng Wine.

Here is the link.

Glimmering Dorsal Fin Spot

- Mysterious Leaf: @Argent[400,1980] by Lv68 Lumbering Treant. For Ginseng Wine.

- Heart of Temptest Sea Jelly: for Dukan Wine, @Icicle[740,3200] by Lv56 Tempest Sea Jelly. Actually I don't have an sketch for this spot because there are plenty mobs. So just spend some time to farm here.

And that's pretty much about this all.
Using the Manufacturing Bug you can farm this all in a shoot.

With your Lv3 Cooking Tool you might be able to get about 3-5 Wines per Cooking.
Try to get as many blueprints for wines as possible, so you will have to do a single travel to farm the whole items.


This is the fastest way to get your Rebirth Wines (without donating obviously) and this is the way I did.
As you can see this is not a 5 minutes work, but if you get by this way you can make them in no time with a bit of effort.
Remember that Rebirth is an exclusive quest which implies almost every feature in the game and there's no shortcuts to do it.

I want to clear that you can't buy Rebirth Stone in the game, I say this because I got tons of PMs asking where I did buy my Rebirth Stone.
Also, Rebirth Wings can't be bought either. Not tradeable, not dropeable, not even destroyable.

If you want to Rebirth, stick to my guides so you can get the shortest possible free way to get your wings.

If you have any other doubt about this guide (which I believe I made it pretty neat) feel free to ask me "exact" questions.
If you intend to ask me for help for Rebirth, please save our time, that's why I'm doing this guides.
Also, don't ask me anything outside this guide. And of course save the stupid questions like "where do i get RB wines". Because I explained it all already.

Well, I think I left nothing to be cleared so, I hope you find this guide useful, as for Cooking and for getting your Rebirth Wines aswell.

Thanks for reading.

I'm Astral in BSO server. Feel free to catch me around anytime while i'm online. Very Happy
I hope to see you guys flying soon.
See you in my next guides. Very Happy
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