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Hotkey and Manufactures Bug

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Hotkey and Manufactures Bug Empty Hotkey and Manufactures Bug

Post by Serge... on Sun Sep 26, 2010 6:03 pm

Hotkey and Manufactures Bug Cap00001i


Yes, you've read well. We are using bugs from now on. But don't be afraid. This kind of bugs are minor ones. And have been aproved so far for GMs and Developers, and as those tweaks to cast Skills faster, Sitting Everywhere and Seeing Players In Chaos Argent, this ones are legal too and will help you in your way to proness.
Let me state this in other words. Bugs most of the time are some minor errors in the game which you can take advantage of, and if they do affect the game balance so much they get corrected and bug abusers get punished, but minor bugs as this ones are harmless for the server balance and gives you a bit help, but also saves you so much time. So, don't be scared, you can use this ones.
With this said, there's nothing left to say, let's do this.

Minor Bug #1:

Never happened to ask yourself how easy your BSO life would be if you could place some usable items in your "F" Hotkeys?
How annoying is to feed your pet by clicking those never ending amounts of rations for that infinite stamina bar. Well, not anymore.

Let me introduce you to Hotkey Ration Bug:

Hotkey and Manufactures Bug Voypet

She is my voyager, Starblaze, and she loves me for adding Rations to her hotkey skill bar, since she has Standard Fairy Possesion, she gets annoyed when she has to feed her pet, but not anymore.

How to do?
Pretty easy.

1st Step: You need the help of some friend, or just dual clienting.
2nd Step: trade your rations to your friend.
3rd Step: get 1 single item you can place in the hotkey bar, like a cake, but be sure to use just 1. Place it in the slot you use to place your rations and put it in your hotkey bar, any slot, just be sure you won't move it or erase it anytime soon.
4th Step: trade your friend or another of your characters that 1 single item while your friend trades you your rations. Be sure to do this all in this same order.
5th Step: after you do the trade you might realize that the rations don't get in the hotkeys, but don't desperate. Just Teleport, use any ticket and it's done.

Now you have your rations in your "F" Hotkeys.

Note: when you gonna use them, be sure to keep your bag open, otherwise it will close everytime you feed your pet.
Explanation: TOP/PKO/BSO clients in general keep track of the actions you get to do. You can realize that if you right-click on one of your skill bar skills, if you teleport, it will appear again there. Which is very annoying when you don't need something there anymore. So, this happens too with our Rations Bug, it just states that there was an item in that hotkey and when you teleport you recover it, just in case you deleted by error. But in Rations case, which never were in the hotkey, client just get the info that was in the bag slot to recover it and then it places any item in that slot. That's why i focused in you keeping the Cake in the same slot you use to have your Rations.

Minor Bug #2:

How good will be a voyager's life if those useful Manufacture Items I talked about in my Manufacturing Guide were infinite.
What about if I tell you that is possible?


Seems I love Starblaze a lot because I found them both for her. And she's so happy about it that wants everyone to know about it. So, let's explain this to you.

Well, how to do?

First, you need to know, there's some map errors in TOP/PKO/BSO clients. Have a test with Shaitan for example.
Go to the docks and sail, try then getting beneath the docks.

This is what you get.

Hotkey and Manufactures Bug Shippp

Then, what do we do?

1st Step: make sure you land in a spot you can sail beneath of. Like in the picture. There are some places you can do this. In Thundoria Harbor, under the bridge. In Icicle, under the docks. In Skeletar Isle under the dock at the Kraken spot. At Naval Base, under the dock. For others, just find yourself, I just added the most important ones.
2nd Step: drop the Manufactures in land. Make sure you only have 1 of each Manufacturing Item you will use for the bug, if you have more than one, you will start consuming the ones in your bag. So keep that in mind. Again, bring just 1 of each item in your bag.
3rd Step: sail and go beneath the land.
4th Step: pick up the items.
5th Step: open your ship's cargo.
6th Step: double click the item to get the effect.

And thats all, you will get to this.

Hotkey and Manufactures Bug Buggship

The little ship icon im highlighting is how you open your cargo, just in case some of you don't know how to do so.
Sadly, we can't place them in the Hotkey bar, so we will need to double click everytime to use the items, but... Who cares? We are having infinite Manufacturing items.
Warning: if your ship sinks, if you enter into a portal, if you change maps by getting to the end, like moving from Ascaron to Magic Ocean, this bug will lose effect.


Yes. You guys got me! This is how I do for sea farming. Everything is pretty easier this way and now you can do it by your own.

Well, i hope you find this couple of bugs useful, because Starblaze really loves them.
Say thanks to Starblaze for sharing her secrets with you. ;D

I'm Astral in BSO server, catch you guys there. Very Happy
Have a nice pet feeding and sea farming time. =)

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